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Little Traverse Radio

An up-and-coming radio station in Michigan asked for a website after seeing the website for 101.9 Fox FM.

The layouts are very similar to each other for functionality. Created in WordPress.

This website I created all the artwork for, giving a travel / old-timey vibe to “go with the flow” of the radio channel’s music style.

First Baptist Church of DeSoto, TX

This has been one of my longest on-going clients. First Baptist Church of DeSoto, TX was my first ever client! I’m proud to show off their new, fully upgraded website.

101.9 Fox FM

This website was the first major freelance job I took on. A good friend contacted me and requested that I make a site for his Radio Station in South Carolina.

Here he can host Twitch streams, play his radio, and read up on the latest news in the heavy metal community.

(Currently offline)


This website was a major project I did while I was getting certified in Front-End Development. The website is not currently being used by anyone, but it does show off what I can do when it comes to design.

This website is completely made from scratch. Meaning I hand-coded every HTML and CSS3 to this project.

Not everything has to be made through WordPress!

Rogue Pickings

This was another project built for my Front-End Development Certification classes. This was to introduce “flexing” so the website can be seen on multiple devices easily.

The website was created by scratch: HTML5 and CSS3
No WordPress is needed!

Current Project:

CoralStar Studios

This website will be a way to show off my Indie-games and have a place to play them in the browser!

This website is still in the early stages and has an unknown time frame due to it being a passion project.

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